A monkey hitting keys at random on a keyboard over an infinite amount of time will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare, or so the theorem goes.

Since most communications projects run on pretty tight deadlines, that’s probably not going to help you if you have a looming product launch, announcement, proposal deadline, or anything else requiring the written word.

This is where SLH Communications steps in. 

We provide clear, concise and timely help with some of the most important aspects of your team’s communications and PR needs. This includes reports, site copy, blog content, op-eds, press releases, talking points and pitches that reporters will actually read, as well as media relations support, including media training. We’re also a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE #20001173) and State of California Small Business Enterprise (SB Micro #2021497), if you’re into that kind of thing. 

To put it in terms even a monkey can understand:

We do the storytelling so you can focus on important stuff like strategy, business development, and client relationships.

Note from our Founder & Chief Human

There are only so many hours in a day, and we’re all only human. Whether it’s due to a lack of bandwidth or time, it’s easy for organizations and campaigns to end up sounding like jargony robots in their communications, rather than the intelligent people they are. 

The “SLH” in SLH Communications stands for “sound like a human,” and that’s precisely what I aim to help my clients do. 

After many years of learning what worked and what didn’t in various in-house communications roles in Washington, D.C., I left the swamp and took that east coast approach back to my home on the best-sorry, west coast, and launched SLH Communications. I’m DC-seasoned, San Diego-based, and ready to help you clearly communicate with the people you want to hear your message in a timely fashion. No BS, no blowing past deadlines, and no buzzwords (unless you absolutely need them there).

I like words and stories, and I’d love to help you tell yours. 

Want a free sample? Send us a sentence you're stuck on. We'll wordsmith. If you like what you're reading, let's talk.