Editorial & Content Strategy

Got the ideas, but need to put them into words? We specialize in concise and compelling written products, and integrating them into your existing communications strategy. We can help you with...

‣ Op-eds ‣ Blog posts ‣ Reports ‣ Website copy ‣ Advertising/marketing collateral ‣ Executive letters ‣ Government relations materials ‣ RfP responses ‣ Board books ‣ Speechwriting
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Public Relations & Support

PR is an essential part of any communications strategy. We can use years of in-house experience to quickly get smart on your topic, and provide support on:

‣ Media engagement/pitches ‣ Press releases ‣ Talking points ‣ Internal/employee communications ‣ Community outreach materials ‣ Media training
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Humanize Your Resume

Your resume is your professional story. We’ve helped dozens of people get interviews (and make some pretty good career moves) with resume edits and job search coaching. Services include:

‣ Refining your elevator pitch, tagline or summary ‣ Distilling your past roles into a few succinct sentences ‣ Highlighting your accomplishments ‣ Making you sound like the talented human you are
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SLH Communications is founded on the idea that getting your message across needn’t be too complicated, even if your topic, organization, product or campaign is. Our Founder & Chief Human Sarah Flocken is a word nerd who never wants to stop learning, so SLH will take the time to get to know your company, your industry, and your goals.

  That’s how we can tell your story—and make you sound like a human to your audience in the process.

Past Work

Want a free sample? Send us a sentence you're stuck on. We'll wordsmith. If you like what you're reading, let's talk.